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Luce Jean Baptiste
Ashley Neuman
Camila Pinzon
Sean Tipton

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In this episode, young evaluators tackle the logic model through the lens of planning an elopement to Alaska. They also explore the process of trying to grasp the concept of a logic model and how learning (and life) has changed since the rise of the pandemic. 

A Note From A Student:  Since this is a program evaluation class and I am a Public Administration student the logic model was not foreign to me but I have never understood it better. As students, we can attest that grasping the logic model is a step by step process and sometimes no matter how slow we go we always mess up but I came to class ready to learn but I did not expect to learn that much more about the logic model. Little did I know that I would become a pro at the logic model when I used it to plan my upcoming nuptials in Alaska.

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